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shadejasmine177's Journal

18 June
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I'm just a simple girl.

I'm fighting with depression though, I have been for a while. So some posts might be a little depressing. I try to post every day. I rejoined here after a long time spent away from it. I don't know why I left in the first place. I just got too busy with school.

As you can see from my interests. I have a lot of fandoms I love to watch. One of my biggest right now is Watchmen. It has been a big one for me for a while now. I know it might be dead in some areas but I think it has a little spark left in it.

I love horror and anything related to it. My fave is Nightmare on Elm Street series. I have made it my life long dream to one day finally get to meet Robert Englund at one of the horror cons around somewhere. I would also love to go to a horror con someday.

Feel free to add me if you share any of my interests. I'm a nice person and a little odd and I'm funny at times.